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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Netflix And Chill? - An Erotic Tale...

Netflix And Chill? - An Erotic Tale...

Sexual frustration hits me as I lay in the hotel bed binge watching Orange Is The New Black. I won the suite for the entire weekend in a raffle at work. It doesn't make sense that I'm here bored...and alone. Alone! On a Saturday night, no less! And although I've made a promise not to have sex until I enter into my next committed relationship, I decide that tonight I need to blow off some steam...so to speak.

There's this guy Tony from one of my classes. We're study partners and have been on a few dates. He's smart, attractive, funny and respects the fact that I'm celibate. I appreciate those things about him, but it kinda irritates me that he's NEVER tried anything. Not even once. There's definitely sexual tension and I can tell it's on his mind, but he never acts on it. I've been pretty passive about it, but that's going to stop tonight. I'm not used to being the aggressor, but with my mind set, I send him a text. I keep it short and to the point..

The Marriott, Room 613...One Hour. Netflix and Chill? ;)

An hour later, I finish rubbing the baby oil on my legs as his knuckles rap on the door. Wearing nothing but a baby tee and a G-string, I seductively pull a big red lollipop out of my mouth as I hold open the door, smirking. The look on his face reveals a mixture of shock and excitement as he takes in the visual of my semi-naked body. He's impressed. The approving smile that spreads across his face as he walks in sets my body on fire. He starts to say something, but I put my index finger to his lips to silence them.

I grab his hand and lead him to the bedroom, still unsure of exactly what's going to happen once we get there. I will my nerves away and keep my game face on as I shut the door behind us. It's now or never.

I take a deep breath before I turn to him; finally ready to do something I’d been dreaming about for months. Showing him how much I want him is a mission I can’t afford to fail. The opportunity has presented itself and I’m prepared to see it through…to completion.

The minute I turn to Tony I know he can see what’s on my mind.

“Oh yeah? I thought you was tryna be a good girl? You bout to get yourself in trouble. You betta put some pants on, turn on Netflix and stop playin'...”

I take the lollipop out of my mouth and playfully run it across his lips.

“Fuck Netflix. Now shut up and open your mouth.”

I want him to know that I'm running the show. He seems to be on board as his lips part and accept the sweet treat. I giggle as I push him up against the wall. I’m going to enjoy this.

I tell him to lift up his shirt. He obliges, revealing a wave of tight, rippled abs with a patch of hair around his belly button. I lick his stomach, groping his growing erection before sticking my hand down in the waistband of his sweats, fishing out his dick.

He doesn’t have on any underwear. I’m impressed by both his boldness and what I feel. It’s heavier and thicker than I imagined. My heart begins to race and I inhale deeply to calm it. The excitement remains. I see his eyebrow rise as I pull his sweats down to the floor. I was so mesmerized by the sight of his long, hard dick bobbing and pointing right at my mouth, that I didn’t even notice his shirt and jacket hitting the carpet.

He steps up in front of me. His dick is heavy and excited, its tip already leaking sweet, sticky strands of pre-cum.

“You think you ready for all that lil' girl? It’s alot bigger than this shit you used to.”

He took the lollipop out of his mouth and tossed it into the nearby trash. I ignore him as I take him into my hands, squeeze it at the base, then lift up his balls and gently squeeze and bounce them in the palm of my hand. Then I run my thumb over the slit of his dick, rubbing his lust over the head.

“You like playing with this dick, don’t you?”

“Mmm-hmm,” I moan, licking my lips in anticipation. I look up at him, then kiss and bury my face into his groin. The coarseness of his pubic hair tickles my nose. I inhale his scent, taking in his manliness. I cup his balls, kissing then slowly licking them, wetting them with my tongue.

“Damn, girl. Mmm…Oh, shit.”

I replace my tongue with my fingers and fondle his balls, tracing a slow sensual path over and behind his heavy nuts. A part of me can’t wrap my head around the fact that I'm doing this...that this is finally happening.

I lost count of exactly how many times I’ve imagined soothing him, relieving him, sucking away his stresses, worries and frustrations, enveloping and riding his dick with my wet lips and warm tongue. So many thoughts of flicking, tickling, and probing all around and over it. Images of swallowing him down into my deep, pulsing throat, contracting around every inch of his dick like a boa constrictor swirl in my head. Squeezing his thick dick in a vice-like grip until it spasms, convulses and erupts a tidal wave of hot foaming cum just for me.

Mmmmm…too many times to count. My imagination causes me to let out a deep moan.

“I hope it tastes as good as it looks. You ready for me to taste you?” I ask, looking up at him as the eye of his dick continues to leak a stream of clear, sticky nectar. He’s ready, but I force myself not to run my tongue over it just yet.

“Whatchu mean?! Don’t it look ready for you?” He reaches and squeezes my titties through my shirt. I almost lose control when I feel him touching me. It just feels…right. Like it’s where his hands belong.

“Go lie down in the middle of the bed,” I order him.

“Yes ma’am.”

I get up from my knees as I watch him walk over to the bed. I lick my lips taking in his broad shoulders, his strong back, his muscled thighs and amazing ass. The moment I see his chiseled frame stretched out in the middle of the bed, his dick eagerly pointing upward, I confirm what I already knew. He's fantasized and anticipated this moment just as I have. But he made me wait all this time…so now I’m enjoying turning the tables.

“I’m about to make all that dick disappear down in this hot, wet throat. Would you like that?”

The more I talk the harder and thicker his dick gets. I’m working him up, but I am also working myself up as I imagine him pressing the inside of his muscular thighs on either side of my head and slow-fucking my face, spreading open my throat, stretching my neck, sliding his dick in and out and it getting all slick from my spit. I lick my lips again to stifle a moan.

“Look how hard you got this dick girl. Stop playing and come over here and make this shit yours.”

“Oh, you ready to have this throat wrapped around that dick, huh?”

“What you think?” he said, grabbing his dick and stroking it while gazing at me.

I slither over and onto the bed seductively. I slowly crawl between his spread legs and flick my tongue across his huge balls, slurping each one into my mouth.

“Gawtdamn,” he cries out in between a low moan.

“Aaah...shit girl. Fuck! You got my nuts tinglin’ and shit!”

I grin triumphantly knowing this is only the beginning. I take his dick in my hands, squeeze it at the base, kiss the tip, slide my lips back and forth, up and down along the shaft, then slap the center of my wet lips with it. I allow it to make smacking sounds against my lips for several minutes until my mouth overflows with saliva, and then…looking right into his eyes, I slowly slide his dick into my mouth.

He moans. So do I. My mind is made up. Tonight him and his dick gonna GET ADDICTED!

He told me to make it mine…and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

“You like that Daddy?” I ask, slipping his dick out of my mouth, then sliding it back in. He nods feverishly and moans again.

“Girl, I love them lips on this dick. Ah, shit. Don’t stop baby.”

I grab it at the base with both of my hands, then gently stroke it while bobbing my neck up and down along the length of his thick shaft. I start making loud slurping sounds with my mouth, then hum as the tip of his dick pushes past my tonsils.

As he moans, I increase the suction on his dick, wrapping my hands along the back of his muscular thighs, then grip his calves, giving him my no-hands-all-neck-and-throat action, ramming his dick in and out of my throat, which immediately causes his legs to shake. I slow down the pace, lick the underside of his dick, flick my tongue across his balls and then pucker my mouth around the head, twirling my tongue ring around it. I suck him in slow motion, moaning as I look up at the look of sheer ecstasy on his face.

I’m pleasing him. That pleases me. Immensely.

I swallow all of him, each and every inch…over and over...again and again…down past the back of my throat. No gag, no hassle, no fuss, no problem. This is what I wanted. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. So I continue to lick and suck all over Tony’s dick until his entire body shakes. The feeling of power and control I feel is so intoxicating. Invigorating even! Hearing him moan my name and say through his incessant swearing that what I am doing is fulfilling his desire is beyond satisfying.

I decide it’s time to shift my position so that I can really show him something. I pull up off his dick. It wasn’t easy. I didn’t want to let go.

“Yo, what the fuck? Why you stop?” he asks, sounding all desperate and confused.

“Don’t ask me no questions. Just do it,” I say aggressively, turning around so that I am lying across the bed. Being in control is agreeing with me.

“Damn…excuse me miss lady!”

“Stand up over me,” I tell him, resting my neck on the edge of the bed so that my head is hanging upside down.

Tony jumps out of bed with his stiff dick swaying side to side like a sword preparing for battle. He hovers over me with his dick twitching. It bounces in anticipation of what’s to come. I grab his dick, open my mouth, extend the tip of my tongue past my bottom lip, then guide the head in, forcing the back of my throat open as if I’m yawning.

“Oh, shit,” he moans, trying to push more of his dick in.

But I am the one in control and he knows this. I’ve learned that an overenthusiastic man will try to ram his dick down your wind-pipe if you let him. And I’m not the one, which is why my hand stays on it to guide it at my pace. Not his.

I tighten my grip on his dick, then take a deep breath and slowly slide the length of his pipe all the way into my hot, hungry mouth, along my tongue. The head of his dick hits the back of my throat. I swallow. I can feel his dick block my airway and the snugness of my throat while licking his balls. My eyes water but I don't dare gag. Can't give him the satisfaction.

Gurgling sounds come from the back of my throat. He has his groin pressed up against my nose, grinding himself into my mouth.

“Ah, fuck…damn, you suckin’ this dick so good baby.”

I reach out and grab his ass, pulling him deeper into my throat. I remember to breathe through my nose so that I don’t choke half to damn death. He is skull-fucking me lovely. I'm wetting his dick with my throat and the spit that dribbles out of the sides of my mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” he grunts. “Aah, shit...I’m getting ready to cum...” He’s riding my face like his dick is on fire and he’s trying to get my throat to put out the flames. “Oh, shit...uhh...fuck...”

I push him away and get on my knees on the floor in front of him. I start sucking and jerking him simultaneously. He moans again and I’m afraid his knees will buckle.

“Aaah, shiiit…uh…damn, babe…ohhh, fuck…Gawtdamn, girl…you know howta suck a mean dick…Uh…fuck…you ’bout to make me nut…”

I pick up speed, sucking and slurping and making popping sounds with my mouth. Loving the way his rock-hard thickness feels in my hands, in my mouth, down in my throat. I suck him as if my life depends on it and lick him as if he's a dripping ice cream cone. He's my ice cream man and I won’t stop until he gives me every last drop.

I alternate from throating him to sucking him to jerking and sucking him to licking him to throating him all over again until he hums and moans and chants and grabs the back of my head, palming it like a basketball, bouncing it up and down on his shaft like a MVP.

“…I’m…uh…gettin’…oh, shiiiiit…ready…mmm, fuck…to…yeah, baby…uhhhh…”

He lets out a loud grunt and then I can feel his balls begin to shift and tighten in my hand. His dick starts pumping his white hot nut and it feels so intense. Like he’s feeding me. He tastes so good to me and I'm relishing and savoring every moment. The entire time he is cumming down my throat, he keeps mumbling how he needs to stay away from me because I’m trying to kill him with my head game. With a mouthful of dick and nut, the only thing I can do is suck and swallow. So I do just that while he grunts and groans and busts his thick load. I smile on the inside as he clutches to the bed to prevent himself from collapsing.

Then when I am completely convinced that his nuts are on E, I slowly release him from my throat. My tongue tickles him and he shudders as I guide him along the path from my mouth. I look up at him and stifle a snicker. Yeah, I practically sucked the life out of his ass. Mmmph. Serves him right making me wait! Thought that nigga knew. Now he knows firsthand! Mission Accomplished.

I look up at him as he attempts to catch his breath and ask, "Now what movie you wanna watch?"

Sunday, December 15, 2013

No Christmas Angel - An Erotic Tale...

 No Christmas Angel - An Erotic Tale...

"Maurice, you awake? Hello?" Jade says in a singsong voice as she waves a hand in front of his face.

No reaction. "Well, I guess he's knocked out."

Still in his hoodie, jeans and t-shirt, Maurice had fallen asleep on her bed while she went to get them some wine. She looked at him, took off his Nikes and cracked a small smile. Here it was Christmas Eve, it was close to 2 a.m. and she invited him up after the latest action/comedy he HAD to see and dinner at her favorite restaurant. Their fifth date went great and she was finding herself liking him more than she anticipated. She'd miss him while she was away for the holidays.

"He looks so peaceful. I'll let him sleep. I've got these gifts to wrap anyway," she says to herself.

She cleans, packs her stuff and goes to the closet to gather the gifts, wrapping paper and ribbon. She gets the scissors and tape from her desk and sits everything on the floor. Everything had to be perfect. She didn't want to give her mother anything to criticize. She could hear her condescending tone in her head. "Jade, this wrapping paper is hideous! Wherever did you find it? You might as well have used a brown paper bag! And this bow will never do! TAC-KY!" She then remembered why she only visited home twice a year.

She tried to work as quietly as she could as to not wake him up. She had hoped he'd help, but when she looked up at him on the bed, his light snores told her that was NOT going to be the case. She reaches for another gift and stares at it blankly. Sleep was lulling her into a stupor. "Ahhhhhh!" she groans to snap out of it, but quickly covers her mouth, remembering he is asleep behind her. Don't fall asleep, don't fall asleep. Get this shit done. You have to be at the airport in a few hours. You can sleep on the plane.

She stands up to stretch her legs and turns to look at him. God, I want to fuck his brains out. I wonder what he's like in bed? I need to chill the fuck out. Taking things slow is best. It's just that it's been SO long... She gets up and walks to him. She pulls the blanket over him, trying not to wake him, but his eyes flutter open at the slight movement. His eyes focus in on hers before making a sweep around the room.

"Hey you," too tired to think of anything else to say. He looks around the quiet room, "How long I been out? What time is it?"

"For awhile. It's 4:30."

"Oh," he yawns and stretches, "I should probably head home."

As he starts to get up, she says, "No, don't worry about it. I won't be sleeping tonight anyway."

"What? Why?"

"I have gifts to wrap before I head to the airport at 6:30."

"Damn. Why didn't you wake me up so I could help? How many you got left?"

Grumbling into her hands again, "You WOULD wake up when I only have TWO more to wrap...Haha! You should go back to sleep. Early morning tomo...er...in a couple of hours."

"Jade, at least let me take you to the airport...so I can show my appreciation for you letting me sleep in this comfortable ass bed of yours."

She smiles, nods and rubs his bald head to lull him back to sleep, letting her fingers massage his smooth scalp. He looks up at her, watching her. There's something different in her eyes tonight. He decides to just close his eyes and enjoy her fingertips. He wonders what else her fingers are capable of. Her fingers move to his cheek, brushing it with the back of her index and middle knuckles. His hand reaches up and wraps around her two fingers.

"What are you doing?" he asks, looking into her eyes.

"I don't know," she says. She smiles, drops her gaze and starts to walk back to the remaining gifts, but she feels a tug on her hand. She turns around. He's staring at her longingly.

"What are you doing?" she asks, quiet as a whisper.

"I...don't know," not sure what to do next, he lets go of her fingers.

She smiles at him again. "I should... probably get back to...the...um..."

"Gifts?" he finishes. Is that disappointment I hear?

"Umm, yeah. The gifts," she sits on the floor and stares at the gifts blankly. She puts her hands on the wrapping paper, but takes them away again.

"Ugh," she whimpers, "I'm sleepy." She crosses her arms and puts her head down.

Seeing her frustration, he offers, "Anything I can do to help?"

She sits up slightly, looks over her shoulder at him and half-smiles in appreciation.

"No, not really. It's okay. It will be done, eventually. But right now," she stands and stretches her hands up towards the ceiling, exposing her torso to him, "I just want to lie down. You mind sharing the bed?"

Ten different sexual scenarios flash across his mind hearing this, but he tries to contain his sudden arousal. "Well, technically it's YOUR bed, so if you don't mind, then I don't mind."

She smiles and sighs, "Good." She walks to the other side of the bed and crawls under the covers. He lies back down with one arm behind his head, and closes his eyes, feigning attempt to sleep, when he hears her ruffling underneath the covers. He turns to look at her and sees her pants and bra pushed out onto the floor. She catches his curious eye, turns on her side to face him and whispers, "Sorry, I prefer to sleep in just my underwear and t-shirt. I hope that's okay."

He gulps and, trying to ignore the tent pitching in his pants, whispers back, "Yeah, sure. Like I said, YOUR bed."

She smiles appreciatively, and whispers, "Good night." I wonder if he'll try anything?

"Good night," he responds automatically.

He checks to make sure her eyes are closed before attempting to adjust his hard ass dick. Damn, I guess he isn't. Should I? Wouldn't that make me a whore? He closes his eyes for a brief moment, trying to push sex out of his mind and actually get some sleep for what little time that's left when he could sense her body inching closer. He doesn't move and pretends not to notice. Another moment goes by and he could hear her breathing deeply, but only a few inches from him. Slowly, he turns his head and opens one eye to sneak a peek at her. Her breathing is steady. Is she really asleep? After brief assessment, he closes his eyes again. This time, he could feel her thigh rubbing up against his. She shifted closer, pressing her body against his arm. Letting out a light moan, she whispers, "You're so warm..." At this, he looks at her and says, "You're cold? Umm...do you want me to..."

Cutting him off, as she wraps her hands around his forearm, she says, "No, this is fine..." Her chest heaves contentedly.

"Okay, well...just let me know if you change your mind." He lies still, trying not to focus on the sensation of her soft breast against his arm. Her fingers glide down his forearm and traces the contours of his hand. She could feel her sexual urges overtaking her. I wanna feel him. She pulls his hand between her thighs and clasps them tight, trying to absorb his warmth. Following her cue, he starts gliding his hand up, slowly, waiting for her to stop him. She doesn't; she just moans and writhes against him. Suddenly, with her fingers cupped around his, she presses his hand up against her warm mound. His middle finger falls on the moist patch on her panties. Firmly, he rubs her wet spot. Nice and slow. She squirms and pushes her hips forward into his hand. She reaches down, pulls her panties to one side and guides his long fingers deep inside her wet ass pussy. She begins to moan uncontrollably as he explores her cavity, his thumb massaging her clit all the while. Her hand clutches at his shoulder as she begins to cum. He stares at her intently, memorizing every pleasured expression and moan. As she feels her orgasm subsiding, she opens her eyes to find him watching her.

She brushes her hair back from her face, and biting her bottom lip, smiles at him. She would probably blush if she hadn't just cum all over his hand. She puts her palm up to his cheek and rubs his lips with her thumb. She licks her lips slowly. Upon seeing her tongue, he dives forward, clashing their lips and tongue together in frantic kissing. He grabs her ass, kneading it in his large hands. She could feel his hard dick pressing against her stomach. She reaches in and her eyes pop open in shock to discover that it's much longer and thicker than she had imagined. He moans into her mouth. Enough of this good girl shit. She pulls her hand up and pushes him onto his back. "Now it's your turn. Take off your fuckin' clothes."

Obediently and hurriedly, he tears his clothes off, throwing them to the floor. She slithers down underneath the sheets and hungrily devours the head of his bulging dick. Her tongue loops around the ridge twice before she pushes his dick far down her throat, generously coating him with her saliva. Her hand attempts to wrap around his entire girth but falls short. Her pussy pulsates at the thought of his entire dick filling her up to the hilt. She quickens her pace, bobbing her head and hand rapidly up and down his hard shaft. Tasting the pre-cum, she spits on his dick, rubbing the saliva all around the head with her thumb. She sits up and straddles his hips. With one hand, she rubs the tip of him back and forth along her dripping wet slit. Slowly sliding down, her pussy engulfs his rock hard dick.

Once he reaches the back of her pussy, she throws her head back and a drawn out "Fuuuuuck!" escapes her lips. She peels her t-shirt off and adds it to the pile on the floor. Her chest heaves as she begins to rock her hips back and forth, letting him stretch her pussy to new horizons. She continues to ride him until she feels her orgasm building. "Maurice, you're so BIG!" She leans forward, raising her hips up and slamming back down as hard as she can.  She relishes in his groans of sexual elation. Soon, he couldn't help reaching around with both hands to clutch her ass as he holds her place while he pounds up into her pussy. She screams with delight and soon, with her face buried against his neck, she sinks her teeth into his shoulder as her body spasms. He could feel her pussy firmly pulsing around his dick. She turns to kiss him. With one hand behind his neck, she slowly pulls him forward and up. Once he's sitting, she rolls her hips forward once...twice, trying to rub as much of her pussy juice onto his cock as possible. Looking into his eyes, and in between kisses, she says, "Take this pussy from the back Maurice..." she kisses his nose, "so hard that you..." she licks his bottom lip from one side to the other, "cum all in this pussy!"

She thrusts her hips forward one more time, impaling herself on his long, hard dick, before climbing off and getting on all fours, waving her tight pussy in his face. He licks his fingers and rubs his saliva on her pussy lips before positioning himself behind her, rubbing his dick against her opening. Slowly, he eases in the head, then pulls it out with a pop. She groans at his teasing. Again, he eases in the head only, and pulls it back out. She grunts with dissatisfaction. This time, after the head is fully buried inside her wet snatch, he rams the rest of his dick into her. A loud moan escapes from her throat and her hand clutches at the bedsheets. She nearly collapses, never experiencing anything so deep before.

Spurred on by her loud moans, he pulls on her hips as he begins to pound her with carnal ferocity. For the third time that night, she feels her body tightening as an orgasm ripples down her spine. He could feel his own orgasm on the brink of eruption as her pussy throbbed and tightened fiercely around his swelling dick. One more deep thrust and "AHHHHHhhhhh!! FUCK JADE! I'M CUMMIN'!" He shakes and shudders as he shoots his hot, thick nut all inside the depths of her pussy, almost losing his balance. She lies on her stomach, panting heavily, trying to push her hair up from her face. After his orgasm fades, he lies down next to her, also trying to catch his breath.

"Wow...that was...hands down the best Christmas gift I've EVER received!" he said with a wide smile.

"I'll bet it was!" she said, smiling and playfully hitting him on the chest.

"I see you're not cold anymore, huh?" he asks.

She laughs and says, "No, not at all. You definitely know how to stuff a stocking sir!" Then looking over at the clock on the nightstand, she adds, "We should get cleaned up. We need to leave in about an hour."

"Well, to save time, we could just shower together..." he coyly suggests.

She smiles as she mulls it over in her mind. She gets up, takes him by the hand and leads him to the bathroom.

She stops and turns around once they get inside. She looks deep into his eyes, smiles and says "Merry Christmas." As he lifts her up against his chiseled frame, he repeats the sentiment. She kisses him passionately as she wraps her legs around him and kicks the door closed. She might have to catch a later flight.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

All I Wanna Do - An Erotic E-Mail...

All I Wanna Do - An Erotic E-Mail...

From: SoSalacious4U@sexmail.com
To: DaddysHome@bbd.com
Sent: Thu 6/20/13 1:30pm
Subject: All I Wanna Do...

Hey Daddy,

I know it's been awhile but I know you'll find a little time to read this. I wanted to give you something to think about while you're away from me. When you get the time, find a nice quiet place, sit back and read this. Think of me while you're reading, think of how I wish I was there with you, doing this to you instead of writing about it.

As you read this, let your hand fall to your lap and pull your dick out. I'm about to tell you all I wanna do to you...Now look down at it and picture me between your legs sucking you senseless.

Did you think about it? Now picture me fingering myself, tossing my head back and moaning your name.

Keep that picture in your mind and keep stroking yourself.

Did you think of me last night before you went to sleep? Cause I thought of you. I thought about tasting you. I imagined feeling your hard dick in my warm, wet mouth, teasing you with gentle kisses and long slow licks up and down your length. Nestled close in between your legs with my head held up on one arm and my other hand playing with your balls, I'd start at the base of your dick and lick all the way to the tip. I would lick slow and make sure my tongue ring wraps itself around you. I know you like that.

The smooth skin of your dick feels soft and slippery against my tongue. I would make sure to take my time kissing and caressing your dick, so I can savor it growing in my mouth.

When I get to your head you feel my tongue, pointy and fast, flickering around you...stopping for a second to gauge your reaction. Then slowly I work my way back down your iron pole before sucking on your heavy balls. You taste so good and I can't wait to have all of you in my mouth.

I keep licking you, knowing the best is yet to cum. A shiny drop of pre-cum appears and I crack a smile. My pussy is soaking wet from doing this to you and the need for you to fill me is almost too much to bear. This time, I swirl my tongue around you quickly, moving up and down, making sure every inch of you feels what I'm doing. My hips begin grinding on the bed; my clit demands attention as my juices seep from within me and cover it. I am wet for you baby.

Without warning, I take you fully into my mouth. In one quick movement, your dick fills me. I feel you at the back of my throat. I begin bobbing up and down on your manhood, relishing the way your mouth hangs open as you stare at me taking you to ecstasy. I feel your hands in my hair as you grab my head and guide me. Your hips thrust as you push me down onto your need.

The tempo increases, you thrust harder and faster, my head goes down even further on your dick. My fingers tease your ass. My tongue is a swirling tornado, devouring your dick as you wildly fuck my mouth. Your moaning tells me you cannot take too much more. I'm deep throating you and you're lovin' it baby. I get giddy when I feel your sack pucker up and tighten. I can feel a pulsing through your vein as your hot cum rushes toward freedom. Your legs tighten and you swell even more in my mouth. You are mashing my head into your groin; I feel your huge dick way in the back of my throat. I love it. I want more.

With a loud groan, you begin pumping stream after stream of your sweet cum into my mouth. Your whole body is shaking as you give me everything you've got. I keep sucking and swallowing until at last your orgasm subsides.

Slowly, that awesome dick of yours stops jerking in my mouth and I finally swallow the last of your cum. All that's left is a few drops dripping from the corner of my mouth. I end as I started, licking you clean.

I get up into a kneeling position, straddling your legs. My smooth pussy is shining with my slippery juices. I love the way you watch me with hunger burning in your eyes as I pull at my nipples. My hips slowly gyrate in a fucking motion. With two fingers between my lips, I open my pussy and began teasing myself. I slide them in a little and slide them back out just the same. I can feel your dick swelling again underneath me. You're primed for more. With a big smile, I offer you a taste from my dripping, juicy fingers. "You wanna taste?"

DAMN! I wanted to continue writing that little story but I had to stop. Baby, my pussy is drenched! I have my hand teasing myself, not touching my pussy yet, just running up and down my inner thigh. God, I am so horny for you right now. I'm glad I have a vibrator because I need to get off. I feel like I'm going to explode if I don't cum soon.

Mmm...The vibe is on my clit, slipping all over in my juices. I wish it was your mouth on me; I'd love to be feeling your tongue flicking across my clit as you suck on it. It is really excited. I'm sliding the vibe down so I can play inside and out of this pussy. As I push it in and out of myself, I'm imagining it's your dick. That's better...God, you feel so good! I'm squeezing down on it hard; I can feel it pushing against my insides.

Fuck! This feels good; my hips thrust into the air. I'm really rubbing my clit fast and hard now.

Ohhhh, shit baby, you feel so good inside of me. I'm trying to hold back but I am not sure how much more I can take. I know I'm about to cum all over you...

"Fuck me baby! Gimme all of that dick!" I'm moaning loudly now. I just rolled over so the vibe is underneath me, right up against my clit. I am grinding on it hard, working this toy double time. First the clit, then the pussy, I take turns pleasing each part of my body.

"I'm ready baby, I'm going to cum for you baby! Oh yesssssssss! Mmmmmmm! Damn, oh yes that feels so good! I'm exploding!" I love it. I'm spent as the juices drip and squirt from inside me. Shit! My cunt is throbbing now; I'm a sticky wet mess. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! Hehe. I wish it really was your dick that just made me cum. I can't wait to feel you inside me. I know it's gonna be the best it's ever been!

Well, I'm gonna go take a SEXUAL SHOWER now...to wash all these sinful thoughts and wetness away...wish you could join me...Mmmm...maybe next time!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend baby, I hope to see you soon! Until then...Kisses Galore...

- Salacious

Monday, June 17, 2013

Cum To Mama - An Erotic Tale...

Cum To Mama - An Erotic Tale...

Lemme tell you what happened when I went to Salacious house last night...Yo, you listenin'? You know we had that fight a couple weeks ago, so I finally called her and said I was sorry. She asked me to come over to talk...so you already KNOW what time it was! Aight, so check this out...

So she opens the door and waves me in with a big smile. She missed me I see. She gives me a hug and I feel how soft her body is. She smells so good. She grabs my hand and leads me up to her room. She closes and locks the door behind me. I grab her ass and bring her close to me. She runs her hands down the side of my face, leans in and kisses me gently. It feels nice...soft. She pulls back and looks away. She's nervous. I understand. It has been awhile. I tilt her head back to face mine and smile to put her at ease. She smiles and the look in her eyes tells me she's ready for Daddy. We start kissing and our tongues do their dance. She tastes good but I can't identify the flavor right away. Cinnamon...maybe? Her hands move down to the front of my shirt, where she slowly unbuttons it one at a time. She puts her hands on my torso, moves them up over my chest. She moves my shirt off my shoulders and lets it fall to the floor as she continues to run her hands over me, making their way down my back to my ass.

The heat in my body rises; it had been a while since we had been alone together. Too long. My body craves hers, when I see her my mind goes carnal; I just wanna fuck the shit outta her. The temptation to be with her can be overwhelming at times. Just the thought of her sucking my dick gets me hard every time...The last time was SO amazing...especially when she...

I snap outta my trance. She's unfastening my belt and unbuttoning my slacks. My dick is hard and bulging through my boxer briefs. She traces her index finger up and down my shit through the cotton and it throbs in response. I can't wait till her mouth is on it. She leaves a trail of wet kisses on my neck, chest and stomach as she sinks to her knees.

"Did you miss me Daddy?"

I nod and manage to moan affirmatively. "You know I did lil' Mama."

She pulls my slacks and boxer briefs down over my hips to the floor, I step out of them. She directs me to the bed and I sit on the edge. She stands up in front of me and starts to undress.

"I missed you too..."

She pulls her shirt over her head, unzips her skirt and lets it drop to the floor. She stands in front of me only in her underwear, which to my surprise consists of a half cup bra, showing me the fullness of her tits and a thong, both blue. I know she did this for me. Our first night in what feels like ages, she wants to make it special and all I can think about is having her mouth on my dick, then fucking her pussy deep and hard.

She smiles at me and asks if I like it. "Hell yeah!" I admire her body as she turns around slowly and makes her ass clap a couple times. I slap it and tell her to kneel between my legs at the edge of the bed. I can't wait any longer. She does as I ask and kisses and licks up the inside of my thighs, one at a time, and my dick twitches again. She's gonna make me wait, suffer till I can feel the confines of her mouth. I grab the back of her head, take hold of her hair and guide her towards my dick. She resists. She wants to tease. She likes the control. She opens her mouth and just as I think she is going to take me, she pokes out her tongue and runs it along the entire length of my shaft.

My body tenses, I lie back and look forward to the sensations she is about to overtake me with. I close my eyes as her tongue licks all over my balls. I grin as she takes them both in her warm, wet mouth, sucking them and sending chills up my spine. This shit feels so goddamn good! She releases them and licks up from my ass to the tip of my dick. She knows just how to drive me crazy. When she gets to the tip, she puts her mouth over it. I thought she was finally about to take me there, but no. She just keeps her mouth there and teases the tip with her tongue while using her teeth lightly around the head of my dick.

She removes her mouth from me and starts using her hand up and down on my shaft, my balls swell in anticipation. She then places her mouth over the side of my dick, increasing the pressure of her mouth and moving up and down the side of me. I can feel her teeth lightly grazing the top and bottom of my hardness. The sensations, the feelings running throughout my body are incredible. I start losing track of any rational thought; I'm losing my fucking mind! Her mouth is amazing...I mean the things she can do! Oh my God! Man, it's like she knows what my body craves, wants, NEEDS...and she knows exactly how to give it to me...EVERY...FUCKIN'...TIME!

I don't know how long I zoned the fuck out but she moves again. She positions herself so her mouth is directly above my hard ass dick. I'm making it bob in her face while she's licking the precum off the tip. She's lovin' it!

I sit up and tell her to make me nut. She smiles and takes me in slowly, moving her hand up and down my shaft as she goes. Ahhhhh...YES! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT! Her mouth is making love to my dick! She starts working me with her entire mouth, spitting, sucking and moving up and down on my shit! Her tongue circles the head a few times before she takes my dick deep down her throat. My eyes start rolling back inside of my head before I can think to stop them. I'M GONE! She's taking me completely in, her head whirling around as she deep throats me. She quickens her pace, intertwining our fingers as she bobs her head and devours my dick. FUCK! I needed this! Her mouth...my dick...my greatest temptation.

I sit up and move her away from me. I tell her to get on the bed with her head at the foot. I stand at the end of the bed over her and start to stroke my dick over her face so she can watch. Occasionally, I put my dick at her mouth so she can lick it -- she craves me. I put my dick back in her mouth and start fucking her face. My pace quickens and I shove my dick deep down her throat when I feel my nut about to bust. I can feel my nuts get tight as my dick twitches and cum shoots down her throat. I love seeing her, feeling her swallowing all my kids. Nobody ever did it quite like her before. I swear she be sucking the life force outta my dick! My knees began to get weak and I back away because the shit feels TOO GOOD! She licks her lips and I can see in her eyes how much she's enjoying it. She rolls over and grabs my dick to bring me closer. She takes me into her mouth again and cleans me off with her tongue. I LOVE watching her please me!

She sits up and throws me on the bed. My dick is STILL hard but I'm game for whatever she has in mind.


She straddles my hips and starts rubbing the tip of my dick back and forth along the slit of her dripping wet pussy. I'm ready. I look deep into her eyes as she slowly sits on this rock hard dick. I look down and see my dick disappear inside her. I can't believe how good she feels. She throws her head back and screams for me to fuck her good. I don't know which feels better...her mouth or her pussy.

I put my hands on her hips as I watch her titties bounce when she starts rocking her hips back and forth. She is SO tight and I can feel my dick stretching her, making itself at home and knocking the bottom out of that thang. She ain't been fuckin' nobody else. This pussy STILL mine! I lick my lips as she raise her hips and slam back down on this dick as hard as she can. Her moans and the sound of her ass slapping against my thighs makes my dick throb wildly inside her. I clutch her ass and hold her in place as I start drilling that pussy. I can hear her screaming my name and as I keep pounding I feel her body spasm and her teeth sink into my shoulder. FUCK! I'm fucking her like a madman, going deep inside her guts and her pussy grips my dick so tightly. I know she's close to cumming for me. I start kissing her to muffle her moans.

She looks into my eyes and tells me that she wants me to fuck her from the back. I nod and watch her climb off of me and get on all fours, her pussy dripping in my face. I lick my fingers and rub them on the lips of her pussy before I get behind her. I rub my dick against her slit a couple of times and then slowly ease in the head, pulling it right back out with a loud pop. I hear her groan at my teasing her. So I do it again as payback for her earlier shenanigans. She tells me to stop playing and make her cum, so it's time to get back to work.

After the head is buried inside her this time, I ram the rest of my dick into her. She moans loudly and I see her hands gripping the bedsheets. I smile and continue as she nearly collapses. I hit her spot! I pull on her hips and I start pounding her like my life depends on it. Her body tightens as another orgasm ripples down her spine. Her juices coat and drip down my dick and nuts as I feel myself on the brink of eruption. Her pussy throbs incessantly around me and after one last deep thrust, I hold her tight and collapse on top of her as I shoot more of my nut inside her walls. I mumble all kinds of 'I Love Yous' incoherently in her ear and kiss her neck repeatedly as she lay on her stomach, giggling and panting heavily, trying to push her hair from out of her face. After I recovered, I just lay there, next to her, also trying to catch my breath. Man, that shit was CRAZY!

After a couple minutes, I turn to her and smile. She turns to me and does the same. "You okay?," I ask. She nods and gives me a peck on the lips. I grab her close and slap her on the ass playfully. Then I say, "I'm hungry. Get your pretty ass in the kitchen and make a nigga somethin' to eat!"

Then, all of a sudden her smiled disappeared. She cocked her head to the side and told me to get the fuck out! She ain't even let me put my shit on first! COLD AS SHIT! Hey, stop laughin'! Fuck you, that shit ain't funny man! You think she gonna stay mad?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Make Me Feel - An Erotic Poem...

 Make Me Feel - An Erotic Poem...

I want to feel…
Your hands run down my face
Your lips against mine
Your tongue slide inside...my mouth
My knees weaken to your sensual kisses...

I want to feel...
Your hands on my shoulders
Your hunger pulling me hard into you
Your tongue licking my neck
The passion between us grow...

I want to feel...
You pushing me back onto the bed
Your hands spreading my legs apart
Your tongue tasting my sweet juices
My body aching for release...

I want to feel...
My knees softly hit the floor
My tongue taste the inside of your thigh
My wet wanting mouth sliding slowly down your dick
The need between us overwhelming...

I want to feel...
My skin caressed by your hands and mouth
My body filled with your hardness
My climax rippling through my entire being
Your seed filling me completely as you thrust deep into me...

I want to feel...
Everything you have
Everything I can give
Everything we can be
I want to feel...
… you.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sealed With A Kiss - An Erotic Letter...

Sealed With A Kiss - An Erotic Letter...

I want you. More than I’ve ever wanted anyone before.  There’s a mystery about you that I find incredibly alluring. I could sit here and induce fantasies of you all day long, but I don't think they would do it justice. It's like a fixation and I don’t even know how the hell it started. I actually realized the full extent of my desire for you this weekend...

You're probably wondering now what caused this line of thought, or even this confession from me. You've known me long enough to guess that I'm not a shy type of person. For some reason, you bring that out of me…among other things. I've decided though, that to you I'm going to confess. I think you need to know, and at this very moment I'm willing to lay it out on the line. I'm doing it this way, in letter form, because if I were to speak to you, I wouldn't be able to say it.

I realized my passion, as I like to call it, when I was at a bar one night. I saw the men staring at me. I knew what they wanted, but my thoughts were only of you. My fantasies focused only on you touching me, fucking me…in the most nastiness of fashions…of me being solely yours and pleasing only you.

As I felt these men stare at me and try hard to get my attention, I drove myself deeper into my own thoughts. I forgot they were there and began to dream. I saw you naked before me and as my dream self looked down, I saw that I was naked as well and laying on a bed. I smiled as I looked back up at you. And I spoke, in an almost taunting fashion to you as I moved my hands up the sides of my body and over my full breasts.

"I'm ready for you Daddy..."

You came to me, lying down so that our hot, naked flesh touched and a moan escaped my lips. I felt your hands gingerly move up my thick thighs to find my warm wetness. As your fingers parted my sweet lips and found my clit, you bent your head down and kissed me. I moaned again, into your mouth, as our tongues began their sacred dance and the ceremony commenced.

My hands found what I've wanted for so long and I began to stroke your manhood, running my fingers up and down that long, thick, hard dick as I became more breathless and my body began to quiver. When the kiss broke, my eyes opened even wider as I looked you straight in the eye.

"I need you. Daddy, I need you now. Make me yours."

Your fingers dipped down into my tight, wet pussy, causing all my concentration to fade away and me to moan once more. Your lips found mine once again before you looked deep into my eyes and spoke.

"If you want me, you know what to do."

You took your hands away and I sat up, looking over to you as I moved down. I grabbed what I wanted, what I needed to satisfy every fiber of my being and began to lick it. I moaned loudly as I tasted you and became even louder as I placed you in my mouth. The moan that escaped your lips excited me immensely. Wrapping my full lips and tongue around you and stroking that beautiful dick only served to make my body ache for you even more.

I deep-throated and sucked until the warm pussy juices that threatened to run down my legs couldn’t be contained any longer. Your moans echoed throughout the room and your fingers gripped my hair, urging me to continue. I needed all of you. I needed to feel you deeper and I knew you loved the feel of my throat constricting so tightly against you. I kept it secured until you shuddered and pulled me back up and off of you. I looked up and in a lust-filled, sultry voice I asked, "Will you fuck me now?"

You smile as you see and hear how much I want you and you run your hand down my face.

"Yes baby, you can have it now."

I quickly climb on top of you and before I get you inside I connect with your gaze.

"You know I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you, right?"

"Of course I do. That's what I want."

"The tenderness shit is done."

"I don't want it to be tender."

"I know. You liked to get fucked, don't you? You want this dick cummin’ up inside you, huh?"


"Good, now get on this dick!"

"Whatever you say, Daddy!”

I lowered my pussy onto your dick, moaning loudly as I grabbed my breasts in my hands and began to pinch my erect nipples. I cried out as I felt you deep inside of me, filling me completely. My heat rising, I took my hands from my breasts and dropped them to your sides as I pressed myself against you and began to bounce, driving you even deeper and faster into me. I felt my body began to spasm, my orgasm almost within reach. You lifted me off of you and got on top. You grabbed my ankles and threw my legs onto your shoulders as you thrust back into my hot wetness.

My loud, ecstasy-filled scream couldn’t be stopped as you pounded all of your length and weight into my pussy. I felt your dick throbbing wildly inside of me as I came all over it, coating it with all of the juices my body held captive.

My body sang with its desire, my muscles clamped so tightly around you that you could not hold back, and you began to fill me with everything I've always wanted. I felt relief and satisfaction as your cream coated my walls, your body going limp on top of mine.

The fantasy faded, and when I opened my eyes, I found my clit throbbing and begging for attention. I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. I pulled down my thong at record speed and felt how truly wet thoughts of you made me.

My fingers creeped into my pussy and I could feel my muscles clench around them. I couldn’t even stand it anymore. I screamed your name as my juices squirted out of me, sending me into a stupor of ecstasy. My body continued to spasm as wave after wave of my orgasm hit me. I hoped the men out there didn't hear me. I couldn’t believe what I’d just done. And it was all YOUR fault! :)

Even after I cleaned up, my want lingered. I still felt unsatisfied. I couldn't help it, my fingers weren’t you. I'll only be satisfied when I am able to quench my desire for you…with you. Until then, my fingers will simply have to do…

Sealed With A Kiss,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lifeguard Lessons - An Erotic Tale...

Lifeguard Lessons - An Erotic Tale... 

The indoor pool of my apartment complex was open late on Thursdays and I didn’t feel the need to compete with swim lessons, water aerobics or the "Teach Your Kids To Swim" classes that often took place in the other lanes. Plus, it was a rainy weeknight, which might not have meant much at a larger place, like the Y, but here, it meant that the pool was probably going to be empty. I hadn’t been in months but figured I’d make it a habit in the New Year to stay in shape.

I changed into my bathing suit in the (as predicted) deserted locker room, actually feeling brave enough to strip out of my street clothes by the lockers, instead of in a changing stall like I usually did. My suit was a red one-piece that I'd had for several years—broken in, but not worn out. I noticed as I pulled it over my hips that it was a little tighter than I remembered, probably because I hadn't worn it in months.
I pulled the suit carefully the rest of the way up, slowly easing it over my breasts and tugging the shoulder straps into place. The suit did indeed fit rather tightly, and I could see in the half-mirror over the sink that my nipples were quite visible through the stretchy red fabric. I reached down between my legs, almost absentmindedly, to adjust the crotch of the suit, in order to avoid a potential wedgie, and felt a sudden rush of blood fill me with heat. Has it been THAT long since I’ve had some dick? If I was getting horny from just putting on a tight swimsuit, my ass was in trouble. I checked the mirror once more before I left the locker room, noticing that my ass had gotten bigger. My nipples still strained against my suit, so I decided to wrap my beach towel under my arms. Much better. It wasn't like there was going to be anybody out there anyway. I didn't know what I was worried about.

I pushed through the heavy swinging door and the sharp, clean smell of chlorine invaded my nose. The air was even thicker and more humid than it had been in the locker room and a slight haze hung over the water. I scanned the pool briefly, noticing an older woman wearing a swim cap doing a lazy side stroke in the far lane and a young dad in the middle lane teaching his son how to hold onto the wall and practice flutter-kicking. Besides them and you, the room was empty. I slipped off my flip-flops, depositing them underneath the first chair I saw. Then I quickly unwrapped my towel and hung it on the back of it. 

Your lifeguard chair was right next to me and I briefly debated walking behind it so you wouldn’t notice me. Shaking my head at myself, I pushed the thought out of my head and turned my confidence on. Okay, so your ass and titties are a bit bigger than they used to be. Don’t boys like that anyway? Don't be such a punk bitch! I couldn't believe how self-conscious I was all of the sudden. As I walked in front of the chair, something inside me warmed ever so slightly. I turned my head to look up and at least acknowledge you. I didn't want to seem rude.

The first thing I noticed about you was that you were wearing a shirt with your gym-regulation swim trunks—something I found quite odd for a lifeguard. Every other male lifeguard I'd ever seen seemed painfully eager to show off their abs, muscled chests and firm biceps. Also, from a more practical standpoint, it was probably easier to save a drowning person's life when you weren't weighed down by a waterlogged T-shirt. Just sayin’! Maybe I was just rationalizing wanting to see you without your shirt.

I looked up and met your eyes the best I could, without giving into my shyness. "Hi." My voice came out way too loudly, echoing off the green and gray tiles. "Kinda dead tonight, huh?"

You looked down at me and grinned. "Yeah. That's why I brought a book. Don't tell my boss, he doesn’t like it when we're not completely focused on the patrons."

I smiled back. Your voice was intriguing, silky and playful. "Your secret’s safe with me sir." Your eyes had done something interesting when you grinned, crinkling in the corners and dancing mischievously. I peeped your nametag and let your name quietly roll off my tongue: Shawn. Shawn the lifeguard…I like it. I wasn't close enough to make out the title of the book you were reading, but when you shifted in your seat, it brought the lettering on your T-shirt into focus: "Yeah, You Want Me." I smiled slightly.

"Well, I'm Tisha. I’m just going to swim a few laps. I promise not to bother you. Enjoy your book." I started walking away from the lifeguard chair, but couldn't resist: I turned to look back at you, wanting to see what you looked like in profile. My heart began racing when I realized that your eyes had been following me as I walked away. Quickly, you diverted your gaze back to the paperback in your hands. I turned back around, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. Fuck, he’s hot. I felt my pussy swell slightly again and looked down to find that once again, my nipples were at full attention. Shit.
I sat down at the edge of the pool and dipped my hands in to check the temperature. Cold around the edges, but I knew my body would get used to it quickly. I checked to make sure my hair was firmly in its knot on the back of my head, and carefully pulled my goggles down over my eyes, applying pressure with the heels of my hands to seal them. I leaned forward and put my hands one over the other, keeping my fingers straight and cupping my palms. Then I slid forward into the water, using my feet to push off the wall. The seal on my goggles held and I was in business.

I began breast stroking my way down to the other side of the pool, keeping my palms cupped, bringing my arms down and around and back up to my mouth. “Like you're scraping down the sides of a bowl of cookie dough, then bringing them up to your mouth to eat it,” my old swim coach used to say. My legs frog-kicked, my head went under the water smoothly at the top of each stroke, and soon, I was lost in it all. I missed this. I almost forgot about the lifeguard and how horny I was.  


It was when I was taking a rest on the wall nearest the lifeguard chair that I noticed you looking at me again. Not obviously, but unmistakably. You used the book as a prop, glancing down at it occasionally, but mostly just tilting your head down and keeping your eyes on me from under those dark brows. As much as I didn't want to admit it, it excited me. I looked around, noticing that both the older woman and the father-son duo had left the pool. I was feeling reckless and horny, a combination that could only lead to trouble.

Pushing back off the wall, I treaded water and looked up at the lifeguard chair, waiting for you to notice me. Finally, you did, putting your book in your lap (You didn't even bother keeping your place…lol…) and looking down at me, amused. "You drove everyone else away, eh?" Damn, your voice was sexy.

I made a show of looking around me, feigning surprise. "I guess I did. Wow. Am I THAT rusty?" I put my feet on the floor of the pool and stood up. The water covered me only to the middle of my stomach, and I knew you could see my nipples.

"You looked like you were having fun down there," you said.

Boldly, I called back, "You looked like you were having fun up there. How's the book?" The smile spread across your face before you could stop it and I knew I had you. I checked the clock. It was almost nine. "Hey, what time does the pool close?" I asked.

"Technically, ten," you replied. "But it's usually empty by nine, so sometimes I close up around nine-thirty."

I paddled over to the edge of the pool directly under the lifeguard chair. "Well, it's just about nine...and it looks pretty empty to me...you should close up now and come down here so I can talk to you without getting a cramp in my neck. Please? For my neck’s sake." 

You grinned again and placed the book on your seat, turning around and making your way down the ladder. Nice ass. You pulled the shirt over your head and tossed it on the chair with my towel. Then, you stepped over to the edge of the pool and sat down. Then you slipped slowly into the water, splashing me playfully. Standing next to you, I realized how very tall you were—you had to be at least 6’2’’. You had a muscular build and looked like you spent your days drinking milk and lifting weights. Yummy.

I swam closer and treaded water directly in front of you. I was finally able to get a better look at your eyes. Brown, as I'd suspected—but lighter than most people's brown eyes, with flecks of gold. They were deeply set in your handsome face, two round toffee candies framed by dark lashes.

You moved back ever so slightly and I sensed your discomfort. "I've never done anything like this before," you murmured.

"Like what?" I responded. "Talk to a pretty pool patron at work?" I reached out and touched your shoulder. "Loosen up handsome," I told you. "We’re just having fun."

"But I—"

I placed my mouth over yours slowly and you gave a soft moan of shock. For a moment, I thought you would pull away, but instead, your lips softened and your mouth opened in response. We kissed like that for nearly a minute, not touching each other anywhere else. The temptation became too great for you and your hand wandered deliberately down to my breast. Gently, you pinched my excited nipple through the wet fabric and I made a noise somewhere between a yelp and a moan. You grinned through the kiss and pulled away.

"Too hard?" you asked innocently. Without waiting for my answer, you pinched the other nipple, a little harder. This time, I all but screamed with pleasure. You gently pulled both straps of my suit off of my shoulders and eased the fabric down until both of my breasts were exposed to the warm, chlorinated air. Then, you bent forward and trapped my left nipple between your lips. I gasped and dug my fingernails into your shoulder. I could feel your tongue swirling over the sensitive nub in lazy rotations, while the suction from your lips drove me fucking crazy. I've heard of women who can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone…and I wasn't going to deny that I was definitely close. But I wanted…needed more.

I arched my hips forward gently, closing the mere inch or two gap between us, until I was just barely touching the slight bulge in your swim trunks. Your mouth was still around my nipple and if you had noticed the sudden sensation, you didn't let on. I rocked myself forward a little more, the water resistance making this mission even hotter and our bodies collided again, in slow-motion. This time, you made a soft, pleased sound deep in your throat and your hand went down between my thighs. Your thumb invaded the tight, slick fabric at the crotch of my suit, finding the place where my ultra-sensitive clit begged to be touched. I didn't want to give myself away, but when I squirmed slightly under your hand and moaned, I could tell you knew you had me. Your eyes gleamed like twin caramels, all wet after being sucked on. You smiled mischievously and said "I think we should get out for a minute—there are things I want to do to you that the water might make kinda difficult."

You helped me over the edge of the pool and climbed out after me, hoisting yourself effortlessly onto the concrete floor. "Where's your towel?" you asked. I pointed in the general direction of the chair I had draped my towel over when I had entered the pool. It seemed so long ago now. You returned, knelt down in front of where I was huddled on the floor, dripping wet (yes BOTH ways!) and gently spread my towel on the ground.

"Lie down." 

Yes sir! I obliged your request (or was it a command?), not entirely sure what to expect and felt your hands exploring my body, over my suit, which somehow turned me on even more than I think it would have if I had been naked. The fabric stretched tightly over my breasts and stomach, seeming to magnify my nerve endings, making them even more sensitive. Your fingers slid down my sides, then ran lightly just under the edge of my suit. 

"Touch me Shawn," I whispered. Grinning, you tapped my clit lightly, which I could tell was straining against my suit. I smiled at the sensation as you smiled even wider and did it again. Lighter. Then harder. Harder. Then lighter. Finally, when you could see I could take no more of your teasing, you slipped your fingers under the fabric again, only this time, you gently pulled the fabric to the side, so I was completely exposed to you. I'd gotten a bikini wax last week so I was nice and smooth. Thank God! It was slightly uncomfortable, but what you did next made me forget all about it. 

Gently, you parted my legs, and began exploring the pussy that had your name all over it. You tugged lightly on my lips, dipped a finger into my wetness and brought it up to your face, inhaling deeply. No guy had ever done that before. It fascinated me. You placed the finger, slippery with my juices, on top of my clit and rubbed it slowly, increasing the pressure until I gasped.

"You want this pussy, don’t you?" I said mockingly. You only smiled. I was ridiculously turned on by now and I had to admit, it was only partially from you touching me; much of my arousal stemmed from watching your eyes dance as you explored me, watching your eyebrows knit in concentration as you acquainted yourself with my body. Finally, you tilted your head even further forward and I felt the electricity as your tongue touched my clit. 

"Ooooh," I moaned softly, arching my back. You ran your tongue down from my clit through the syrupy wetness in my slit and back up, stopping on that hot button to do exactly what you had been doing with your finger just moments before: you kept your tongue steady, positioned on top of the hood of my clit and pressed down, lightly at first, then harder, until the intensity of the sensation made me cry out. My voice echoed off the tile walls and I barely recognized it; it seemed more like I was listening to the disembodied soundtrack of a porn film. Was that really me? I was so close to cumming, but my pussy needed attention as well; it needed something inside of it. You seemed to sense this and instead teased me, by placing your mouth over my clit, your lips forming a light suction around it.

"Put your fingers inside me," I begged. Instead, you merely increased the pressure of your lips ever so slightly. Stars exploded in my head and I clawed frantically at the towel underneath me. "Fuck," I moaned. My entire body was burning, it seemed, begging for release. Without warning, your lips were replaced by your tongue once again—only this time, you began swirling it quickly over my clit in a wild circular motion. I wasn't sure if I could take much more.

If I don’t cum soon, I might lose my fuckin’ mind!

Finally, you gave me what my body had been begging for. You took one finger and placed it just at the opening of my pussy, circling it lightly. Then, you pushed it in just to the first knuckle, fingertip-deep. Your lips went back to my clit, sucking lightly and swirling your tongue over it as you worked your fingertip, in and out, then slowly, leaving it inside me and twisting it from side to side. Slowly, you pushed your finger in further, until it was halfway inside me. Usually, my body demanded two, even three fingers, in order to properly get me off. But I felt stretched and full with just your index finger inside of me. Suddenly, you turned your hand, palm-up, and pushed your finger all the way in. I could feel the delicious sensation of having my G-spot stimulated.

He knows exactly what I need…

I moaned. "Fuck! That feels so good. Don't stop." It was the last coherent thing I remember saying. Your tongue started drumming quickly on my clit and your finger worked the magical spot deep inside until I came with an intensity that shook my entire core. I let out a high, pulsating scream that echoed off the tiles. I couldn’t believe it. The walls of my pussy clamped down around your finger, squeezing rhythmically, coating you with even more wetness as my juices seeped out of me, soaking the towel. Slowly, you pulled your finger out and my body instantly wanted more. I trembled.

"You got me all wet," you said playfully. I sat up, tugging my suit back over my crotch only because the sudden change in position was causing it to strangle my leg. I took your finger in my hand and pulled it into my mouth, sucking my juices off you. They tasted sweet and I held them on my tongue for a minute, breathing slowly through my nose to savor it all. Then, I grinned devilishly at you as I noticed your growing bulge and said "Your turn."

With little flourish, I reached up from my sitting position on the towel and pulled down your swim trunks, making sure to hold the elastic waistband out away from your body, so as not to catch it on your impressive erection. Then, I grabbed your hand and pulled you down onto the towel with me. 

"Lie down," I ordered, grinning, echoing your earlier command. 

You obeyed, never breaking eye-contact as the excited smile spread across your face. I ran my fingers lightly over your chiseled chest, kneading the hard muscle with my fingertips. You interrupted me by leaning up to give me a brief, hot kiss that made my pussy tingle. "Stop it, you're distracting me," I protested, giving you a playful slap. I trailed my fingers along the inside of your thigh, stopping just short of your scrotum. I felt your body shiver in anticipation. I leaned over and exhaled onto your throbbing erection—still not touching you yet. Then, I pursed my lips and blew cold air over the same spot. You moaned. I smiled again.

When I saw your hands creeping forward from their place, palms down, on the towel, I knew you were dying to touch yourself. To show me what you wanted. I placed my hands over yours and moved them away firmly. I didn't stop at your sides, though. I moved them up even higher, until they were over your head, lacing my fingers through yours and pinning them to the towel. You made a sound that was half-protest, half-arousal and I winked at you and said, "I want you to keep your hands above your head just like this. If you move them, I'll stop." You nodded, desperate for me to continue and I caught a glimpse of the anticipation in your eyes as I leaned my head forward again. 

You gasped as I took you in my mouth, licking the head with my tongue, sliding it around to the spot on the underside I knew would be especially sensitive. You tasted like chlorine and something warm and musky, man-like, which turned me on. I felt a familiar heat rush to my pussy, felt myself getting wet again, as I sucked you—giving head has always been an unbelievable turn-on for me. The power...unimaginable and intense power it yields...it's truly addictive.

Slowly, I moved my hand down your dick, taking time to fondle and play with your balls, scratching lightly with my fingernails, gauging your reaction to the sensation. You stiffened and I drew my hand back, afraid I was hurting you. 

"No, don't stop," you encouraged. "That was a good flinch." 

I raised an eyebrow. "I thought flinches were usually a bad thing."

Your eyebrows furrowed. "I would shrug, but I'm under direct orders to keep my hands above my head."

I grinned wickedly. "That you are." 

I continued to pleasure you with my mouth, feeling you throb when I drew my tongue slowly up from the bottom of your shaft, to the tip. I moved my lips up until the tip of your dick was the only part of you in my mouth. I massaged your mushroom head between the roof of my mouth and my tongue. Then I slowly increased the suction, my lips forming a kind of vacuum-seal over your dick. You moaned and I could tell I was tormenting and pleasuring you the same way you had tormented and pleasured me earlier. Your fingers flexed slightly, threatening movement, and I responded by letting you slide out of my mouth and holding your hands down with my own. “I told you not to move. Do you want me to stop?"
"Let me get up," you panted. I smiled coyly, then moved up and straddled you, pulling you up with me and rubbing myself against your rock hard dick. You took the opportunity of no longer being pinned to the floor to lean down and bite my nipple lightly through my suit and I lost control for just a second and loosened my grip. Before I knew what was happening, your now-unpinned hands, still laced through mine, were suddenly maneuvering me onto my back, pulling my suit down and soon you were straddling me. "I want to watch you suck this dick," you said. "I'm so close to cumming for you and I want to watch your face as you make me bust this nut."
Well...how could I not oblige that request?! I reached up and pulled you forward, until your legs were planted on either side of my chest. Then, I opened my mouth and lifted my head, gently flicking my tongue across the underside of your dick. You looked down at me, that giddy smile on your face again. But only for a moment. I closed my lips over you, locking my eyes on yours and slid down along your shaft as far as I could at that angle. For several moments, we seemed to be engaged in a sort of staring contest, a battle of sexual wills. 

However, it was quickly obvious that I had a distinct advantage, as your eyes glazed over and rolled back as your breath suddenly tore from your throat in a labored, almost silent groan. I knew you were almost there, so I helped you along by tensing and releasing my lips on you, moving a little further up your shaft and increasing my speed until my lips pulsed like a vibrator on Frenzy. I placed one hand on the base of your dick, squeezing you at a slightly slower pace than my lips. I put my other hand underneath you, massaging your scrotum, pinching the delicate skin and squeezing your balls. You threw your head back and exhaled, trembling. 

"That shit feels so good…Tisha, what the fuck are you doin’ to me girl?" Your voice was barely recognizable as that of the chill, preoccupied lifeguard who had mesmerized me a mere hour earlier. “Teaching you a lesson…” I said while I smacked your dick against my lips. I was tired of fucking around. I wanted my prize. I needed to taste you. I slowly slid your dick back in my mouth and started deep-throating you like my life depended on it. Your mouth hung open in fascination and your knees began to buckle as you watched your entire dick disappear between my lips. I smiled inside.

Suddenly, your body tensed and I felt your orgasm overtake you. Your handsome features twisted sweetly in an expression of complete ecstasy and surrender as I felt the first streams of your sweet explosion splash down my throat. You tasted so good to me. I sucked every drop of nut out of you and slowly and sadly released your dick from the warm, wet confines of my mouth. I could feel your body spasm as your hands slid down my shoulders, my breasts, my hips. For several seconds, the only sound was that of your heavy breathing echoing off the tiles. 

Your legs went limp on either side of me and you rolled onto the towel, drained. You smiled at me, a wide, explicit smile and I knew that I blew your mind. "That was fuckin' AMAZING girl!" I smiled back and stood up, winking at you as I slipped out of my bathing suit entirely and entered the water.

"Hey sexy...I'm not done with you yet. I want more."

You turned to face me as your dick began to spring back to life. "Oh really?"

"Mmmhmmm...come and get me."

You stood up almost as quickly as your dick and jumped in after me. I giggled as you grabbed me and pinned me against the edge of the pool. Your hands roamed all over my body as we kissed passionately. I could feel your dick poking against my stomach and I wanted you inside me. You grabbed it and my pussy got hotter as you rubbed it up against my throbbing clit. I couldn't even stand it anymore. I wrapped my legs around your torso and looked up at you smiling.

"So you ready for this dick?" you asked teasingly.

"Shut up...just shut up and fuck me." I said as I took hold of that monster, guiding it to the opening of my pussy. "Well...what are you waitin' for?" I asked, challenging you.

I felt your gentle push and the head forcing its way inside me. My pussy resisted, then started to relax as you filled me up, slowly getting used to your massive member. God, he's so thick! You pulled out and pushed all of that dick back in, the water rippling after the thrust. I put my arms around your neck, holding onto you for support as I felt your dick in my stomach.

"You gon cum on this dick? You gon cum on this dick?!" you screamed through gritted teeth as you bounced me up and down on your thickness. I squeezed my pussy tightly around your dick as you moaned my name in my ear. I could feel the heat, the hardness, the intensity of you inside me and I cried out, "Oh fuck! Shawn! Fuck me! Just like that! Don't stop! Please don't stop!" I'd never felt anything like that before and I loved it!

"Tisha, you're so fuckin' tight. So fuckin' wet! SO FUCKIN' WET!" you groaned into my ear, as I felt you once again opening me up, sliding that cock up inside me. My stomach felt like it would burst. He's fuckin' me crazy! I surrendered myself to you completely. I looked down into the water and I could see your dick impaling me. The water splashing around us turned me on even more. I squeezed tighter. I looked up at you and I saw the pleasure, the longing and the lust in your eyes and I felt connected to you.

I wanted you to cum with me. I wanted you to cum inside me. I was crying, moaning, screaming and scratching your back as you continued to fuck me senseless. I could feel your dick growing thicker and thicker inside me, stretching me. "Ohhhhhhhh God! Shawwwwwwwwn! CUM FOR ME! I'M ABOUT TO CUM!" I must have blacked out for a minute. I could feel my pussy squirting all over your dick and my body went limp. Suddenly, I could feel your body stiffen again as you screamed "OHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCK! YOU READY FOR THIS NUT?! UHHHHHHNNNNNNNN!" Then, blast after blast of your creamy hot cum hit the back of my pussy and it sent me over the fucking edge! Your seed filled me and there was so much of it, I couldn't fuckin' breathe! Nobody ever made my body submit like you, made my body cum like you.  


You stayed inside me as you nuzzled your face in my neck, kissing and whispering sweet nothings in my ear. The coolness of the water and the heat of our bodies melded together sent delicious sensations up my spine. I shivered as we lay there, regaining our senses. I could feel my heart still pounding as you thanked me and your dick slid out of my pussy. There was a unexpected feeling of emptiness...quickly replaced by satisfaction. I got out of the pool and grabbed my towel and bathing suit as I slipped on my flip-flops and headed to the locker room. 

I turned before I went in and saw you resting your elbows on the edge of the pool, smiling with those brown eyes trained on me. "You better bring your sexy ass back soon," you said. "Your technique is good...REALLY good...but there’s always room for improvement!" Your eyes crinkled in the corners when you said this and I blushed.
"Well, I definitely wouldn't mind another lesson. You're SUCH a good teacher..." I blew you a kiss as I turned and noticed your long-abandoned book peeking over the edge of your chair. Next time, I’d be sure to find out the title. ;)