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Friday, December 7, 2012

The BIG Payback - An Erotic Betrayal...

The BIG Payback - An Erotic Betrayal...

I held a pillow to my face as I cried alone in our bed. This was the third time this week that my husband wasn’t home before 9. He called and said he had to “work late” again but I didn’t believe that shit. Who the hell did he think he was foolin'? My body shook with anger. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. I was caught off guard by the tears but I decided to just let them flow freely.

I heard the knob on the door begin to turn and I quickly turned to the other side and wiped my tears away. I looked at the clock and shook my head. 1:30AM I tried to stifle my sobs and pretend I was asleep. I heard him go into the bathroom and turned to see he had left the door open. He stood there looking into the mirror before splashing water on his face. I wondered what he was trying to wash off. I turned back around when he went to the toilet. 

He came to bed. I tried to snuggle against him but he turned his back. I could smell a small amount of alcohol and something else…sweet and floral…perfume. This son of a bitch has the NERVE to get into bed with me knowing he just spent time with another woman?! How dare he! I bit my lip when I felt more tears coming on. I wouldn’t dare let them fall! Not another tear. Not over him. I turned around and shut my eyes tightly. Finally sleep came, but I tossed and turned for the rest of the night.

The morning sun woke me up. I opened my eyes and grabbed my head; it pounded from stress and no sleep. I looked over and saw that my husband was already up. I heard the shower going and decided to go down and make some coffee.

After I finished half of my first cup, my husband came strolling down the stairs, looking refreshed and handsome as ever.

“Good morning!” He said with a smile.

“Morning.” My voice was groggy.

“Not feeling well?”

“Not really.”

“Sorry I wasn’t here last night. They’ve been ridin' me at work...”

“Mmmmhmm. I know.” 

“Why don’t you go back to bed Grumpy?”

“Couldn’t sleep if I did.”

“Oh well…that’s just too bad, isn’t it?” He smiled teasingly at me.


“Oh come on! I’m just playing with you.”

“I ain’t in the mood.”

“Fine then!” He looked distraught for a minute. He cleared his throat. “Ummmm…I promise I’ll be home early tonight. I’mma rub you down real good and make you feel better.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Damn girl! Lighten up!”


“Well, whatever. I gotta go.” I could see the anger in his eyes and I was happy for a moment. I hoped I’d made him feel as shitty as I did.

As soon as he left I popped a couple of Tylenol and got another cup of coffee. I went to my computer to begin my own work. I opened the story I was working on the day before. I looked at the words on the screen but I couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything.

My eyes kept going to the closed bathroom door in the bedroom. My husband had gotten undressed in there last night and I had an undying urge to go look through his clothes. I decided not to fight it, got up quickly (a little too quickly) and my head spun for a minute. I grabbed the corner of the desk to steady myself.

When the dizziness subsided, I noticed a piece of paper sticking out from beneath the keyboard. I picked it up and read, “Tuesday. 8pm. Four Seasons.” It was scribbled in my husband’s handwriting. My heart dropped and I wondered what the piece of a paper meant. Four Seasons was easy...hotel...there was only one that I knew of in the area. What the fuck is this? My head spun again but this time from having a REAL clue that my husband of 3 wonderful years was possibly having an affair.

I went to the bathroom and threw open the door, grabbing his clothes and rummaging through them. I pulled out a keycard. It opens the door of a hotel room. I turned it over and read, “Four Seasons.” My stomach turned. I put my hand in the other pocket and pulled out nothing but change. I went to the shirt and checked in the chest pocket but nothing was in there either. I put the shirt to my nose and inhaled deeply. I smelt his cologne, Drakkar Noir. I bought it because I loved smelling it on him. But there was also that same goddamn smell that was on my husband last night. That perfume. I took another sniff, I couldn’t identify it. My stomach tightened more, my knees grew weak, this just couldn’t be happening!

I decided to check my e-mail. Maybe it would calm my nerves down to read something my mama or sister sent to me. I clicked on the internet icon and took a sip of my coffee. I clicked on the little mailbox and opened the inbox as I sipped again. I clicked on the first e-mail. I hadn’t recognized the e-mail address and there was no subject but that didn’t mean too much to me, I got e-mails like those all the time. Probably spam. I picked up my coffee cup again…empty. Shit. I pouted. Coffee is such a godsend…without it I’d be a mess. I got up, leaving the e-mail open and went down stairs to refill my cup. I hummed as I poured the coffee into the cup then doctored my cup with two spoonfuls of sugar and milk…and a little vodka for a little KICK. I took a sip and smiled at the hot, strong aroma.

I bounced back up the stairs, thoughts of my husband pushed far back in my head. I have never been one to dwell on things that made me sad or angry. Besides, there was no REAL proof he was cheating. He would never do that to me. I sat back down at the computer, lit a cigarette and resumed checking the e-mail. Within the first two words I realized that this was not my inbox, but my husband’s. With the first sentence my heart began to pound uncontrollably and the cigarette that I was about to bring to my lips fell to the floor. Quickly, I recovered the cigarette from the floor and took a long drag off of it before reading the rest of the e-mail. I exhaled the smoke slowly as my eyes darted over the words. I felt my stomach churn again as I reread what was before me. 

Hi Ricardo! I’m so excited to finally meet you this Tuesday! I hope you like me as much in person. So, what are we going to do? Matter of fact, just surprise me! Mmmmm…I can’t wait to feel you inside me…and do all the things we’ve talked about! Love, Mimi.

I finished that cigarette in record time and lit another without missing a beat...my nerves were fucking SHOT! My hands shook, my eyes wouldn’t focus. I should have stopped there but I didn’t. I went to the sent folder and read his response.

Hey Babe,
I can’t wait either. I’ve already told the wife that I had a late meeting and not to wait up for me. So, I’m covered on that end. I’m sure I’ll like you just as much in person, especially based on those pics you sent! I can’t wait to feel those lips on my dick baby. I’m going to fuck you 'til you can’t stand no more! You have no idea how many times I’ve fantasized about bouncing dat ass on my dick! We gonna make it ALL happen! Love, Ricky.

Pictures? What the FUCK?! I went to the picture folder and found nothing but ones of our vacation last year. That didn’t hold with me, I knew he had them somewhere on the computer. I pulled up search and typed in “Mimi.” I was impatient at how long the search was taking but finally it pulled up the little bitch’s name and symbol for picture in front of it in a folder I never knew existed on the computer. He hid them well, but not well enough. They think they so fuckin' slick! Let me see what this bitch looks like! I clicked on it to see the woman my husband was fucking.

I looked at her…and if it were possible the computer would’ve caught fire with the look I was giving it. There was the whore that was fucking my man. She was naked. I figured she was around the same age as my husband and I, 24. She stood there just staring at me with a stupid ass smile on her face. Her long weave curling down her shoulders, even from the picture I could tell the shit was synthetic. She was average in the face had a decent body, but mine was definitely better. I couldn’t see her ass but figured that it was firm; she had legs that looked like she probably ran laps or walked on a treadmill daily. But that was the only part of her that looked like she exercised. I could tell from the picture that though flat, her stomach was soft and her arms had no definition to them. She didn’t exercise as vigorously as I did. Now that I thought about it, her legs were probably toned from stomping on the hearts of wives while stealing their goddamn husbands. I was literally sick from it all but I kept punishing myself. I needed to see more.

I went back to the inbox and pulled up another e-mail. This one was sent from my husband.

When are we gonna Skype again? I want to feel your pussy sliding on my dick.

I went back to the inbox. Why didn’t he ever get rid of these? There was the e-mail she had sent him from the response I had just read.

I want you to fuck me baby. I mean, really fuck me. Not just on Skype or e-mail but in real life! We live close enough to do it. All you’d have to do is get away from your bitch wife and hop on the freeway.

Bitch Wife? What the fuck was she talking about? I wrote her address down, went back to the sent box and scrolled down a couple of e-mails. I found one that had a subject that read, “My situation.” I talked under my breath, “Yeah…let’s just see what your situation is you fuckin' bastard! I know what kind of situation you’re about to have! Cause I got somethin' for dat ass bitch!”

Look…I want to be totally honest with you, Mimi. See, I’m married, but my marriage isn’t doing too well and we’re about to separate. My wife has been a bitch to me for the past six months. She’s grown cold and I don’t think that she loves me anymore. She won't even make love to me anymore. I just wanted to let you know that I was married and if this hurts you, I’m sorry. You're special to me and I really wanna be with you. I mean that. Love, Rick.

What the fuck! Not doing well? I’m a bitch? I’m cold? I don’t love him? What the fuck was going through his mind when he wrote this? I looked at the date of the letter and held back tears. He wrote it two hours after we had amazing sex. What was he trying to pull here? Was he just seeing if he could get this woman to feel sorry for him and fuck him while he painted me to be the horrible wife? Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’m lying in the bed not one foot away from the computer that he was typing all these lies on. Sleeping peacefully after I fucked him!

I couldn’t read anymore. But that didn’t mean that I still couldn’t print them out. I opened every one of their e-mails and began to print out each and every single one. (I made sure to forward them to my e-mail too!) I grabbed an envelope and stuck them inside, marking it as “Finished Work” in case he came across it. He wouldn’t read it if he thought it was for work. I decided then the next step I was going to take. Obviously they only communicated through e-mail; I hadn’t seen a phone number in any of the letters. I was going to wait and check his e-mail daily for their next scheduled rendezvous.

I had dinner made and waiting on the table when he showed up. He kissed me on the cheek and it took all the Christian I had inside not to punch him in his face. He felt my cringe as his lips touched my cheek...lips that touched hers the night before.

“Still not feeling well baby?”

“You could say that.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

I have a cheating, no good, low-down dirty dog as a husband that’s what’s wrong with me!

“Maybe the stomach flu or something. I’m not a doctor.”

“I’m sure it’ll pass by tomorrow.”

No it won’t.

“Yeah, probably.”

We were silent all through dinner. I kept my head down staring at the food that I wasn’t eating. He stared at me. I looked up at one point and stared him straight in the eye. His went down to his plate. I felt sicker than I had when I found out what he’d been doing during his “late meetings.”

When dinner was over I got up, preparing to wash the dishes.

“Don’t do anything, baby girl. I’ll do it since you don’t feel good.”

“Thanks.” I said softly and went into the living room. I flipped to Bravo, “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” was on. Half way through the episode, my husband came out of the kitchen.

“NeNe is funny as hell! My cousin went to Morris Brown with her.”

“That’s nice.”

“What’s coming on next?”

“Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”

“Never watched that.”

“Oh.” I could barely talk to him. My anger was starting to boil over.

How could he just sit there all nonchalant when just last night he was fucking some other bitch? Did he have no shame? No guilt?! I can't even believe this shit.

He came over and lifted me with ease from my position and sat behind me. He laid me back down on him and began to massage my neck and shoulders. His hands came around front and rubbed my stomach. He moved them up to my breasts. My body shook with hatred and I pulled away from him quickly.

“Whoa! I was just trying to help you feel better!”

“Well you’re not.”

“What’s wrong with you? You were bitchy with me this morning and now tonight.”

“I’m just sick.”

“Sick of what? Of me?”

Yeah you, you stupid motherfucker.

“I told you I don’t feel well.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Not feeling well never stopped you before.”

“Well, I feel really sick. And why would you ask if I was sick of you? Seems an odd question to ask. Have you done something that would make me sick of you?”

“No, not at all. Well…”

Maybe he’ll come clean now.

“Well what?”

“Except for trying to touch your titties when you don’t feel good...” He smiled and lifted his eyebrows.

At any other point I would have laughed at him, but not tonight.

“That wouldn’t make me sick of you.”

“Geez woman! Have a sense of humor!”

“I’m not finding anything funny at the moment.”

I moved to the other end of the couch and huddled up so that no part of my body was touching his. I began to watch my show again. Angry at him once more for making me miss most of the end. He tried to pull my feet to him to rub them, but I wouldn’t let him. Finally, he gave up and just sat there pouting while staring at the TV. I just looked at him in disgust.

I couldn’t even enjoy Andy Cohen’s hilarious banter on the latest Housewives episode. I was seething. I got up to leave.

“Where you going?”

“To bed.”

“Want me to tuck you in?” He smiled again.

“No, I can manage.”

He looked at me confused and shook his head. He stood up to kiss me but I moved too quickly and headed up the stairs. He was still standing there looking stupid when I got to the top of the stairs.

I still couldn’t sleep. Sometime in the night I heard the typing of the computer keys and opened my eyes just enough to see him sitting there looking at the screen. He sat there, naked, with a smile on his face and hand around his dick as the other typed away happily to his little bitch. I sighed deeply and stopped the tears before they formed in my eyes. Be strong. I couldn’t help but imagine what he was writing to her.

The next morning, I laid in bed until he left. I pretended to be asleep while he showered, dressed and got ready for work. After I heard his car pull out of the garage I got up. I started up the computer and went down to make coffee as I waited for the log-in screen to appear. I decided to finish my story before I went snooping on my husband’s account. I thought about how stupid he was. If he was going to find someone to have an affair with he should have gone and gotten a free e-mail account or not saved his password into the computer.  Dumbass.

Before I could log into his e-mail account the phone rang. It was him.



“How are you this morning?”

“Still not feeling well.”

“Maybe you should go to the doctor.”

“Nah, I’m good.”

“You never know. You might need medicine.”

“I don’t like doctors.”

”I know. But sometimes you have to see them.”

“What I have I don’t need a doctor for.”

“Oh, that time of the month, huh?”


“You’re confusing me.”

“Just drop it. What did you want?”

“To see how you were but you’re still grumpy so I’ll talk to you later. Oh, by the way I have another meeting tonight.”

“I'm sure you do.”

“Well, okay then. Bye.”




“I love you.”

“Oh, I'm SO sure.”

I hung up the phone and stared at it in disbelief. I logged into Ricky’s e-mail account again and went to the sent messages. There it was right in front of me.

Same hotel. Same room. Same time. Tomorrow. Love, Ricky.

I went to the inbox and pulled up the e-mail she had sent back.

Mmmm…can’t wait! See ya then. Love, Mimi.

I was seething, my teeth grinded together and I could feel that my face was burning. I couldn’t focus my eyes for a minute as the anger washed over me. I got the phone number to the Four Seasons hotel and dialed without thought. A lady at the front desk answered.

“Four Seasons, how may I help you?”

“Yes, this is Mimi…” I opened the e-mail and saw that she had her last name on her e-mail account. “Braxton. I need the room number for Ricardo West. I’m meeting him there tonight and I forgot what room he was in.”

“Oh, no problem Miss Braxton. Hold on one second and I’ll get that for you!”

“Thank you so much!”

A few seconds later she was back on the line.

“Miss Braxton?”


“The room number is 819.”

“Thank you so much, dear.”

“You’re very welcome and I look forward to seeing you again this evening.”

“Yes, well, I’m looking forward to seeing you, too. Goodbye now.”


I hung up the phone and paced the room for an hour. I decided that I was going to try and stop this before it went any further and called my husband at work.

“This is Ricky.”


“Hey! Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not. I’d like it if you came home.”

“But I can’t.” He hesitated. “I have that meeting tonight remember?”

“Oh yeah…the meeting!” I said through gritted teeth.

“I’m sorry baby.”

“Look, I really need you to come home. I’m feeling worse and I think that I might have to go to the hospital or something.” I hated lying but it was the only way to get him home.

There was true concern in his voice. “Oh! I’m coming. I’ll be there in an half an hour.”


I hung up and went downstairs. Grabbing another cup of coffee and waiting for him on the couch. In exactly half an hour he walked through the door.

“Honey! Where are you?”

“I’m in here.”

He walked towards the living room.

“Why are you drinking that stuff if you’re sick. Come on, lets go!”

“I don’t have to go to the hospital.”

“But you said...”

“I know what I said.”

“Then what’s this about?” I heard nervousness in his voice.

“I think you know goddamn well what this is about.”

“No, I don’t. Let me know.” He shifted his weight from one foot to the other while his hands went to his waist. I knew he was nervous now, though I still saw no guilt.

I cleared my throat and looked down at my knees. We stayed there in silence for a while. When I looked up at him he looked like a lost puppy.

“I found something yesterday.”


“A room card.”

“Oh…ummm…you know that I had a meeting.”

“Yeah, but you don’t normally have keycards for meetings, do you Ricky?”


I huffed and shook my head.

“I found something else yesterday.”

“What?” I heard his voice grow shaky.

“Pictures of some butt-naked bitch on the computer.”

“You know I watch porn sometimes.”

“This wasn’t porn though. This was some shit someone sent to you.”

He was silent.

“I found something else yesterday as well.”

He just looked at me this time. I got up and went upstairs. I grabbed the envelope that had the correspondence between he and Mimi, but I took out the e-mail that said they were going to meet. I came back downstairs and handed it to him.

He opened it and read the top e-mail. His face grew pale and he looked as though he would faint.

“I…uh….ummm…what were you doing on my account?”

“Don’t you DARE try and turn this around on me!”

He took a deep breath. “Were these the only ones you saw?”

I lied again, “Yes.”

He looked relieved.

“You should read through them. They're quite interesting. ESPECIALLY what you wrote about me...remember? About me being a bitch and not loving or having sex with you? That was a fuckin’ LAUGH right there boy!”

He looked at me.

My anger boiled over then as he stared at me blankly.

“Why the FUCK aren't you saying ANYTHING?! EXPLAIN YOURSELF!”

“Nothing. I’m not doing anything.”

“Really? Then why the fuck are you on the internet telling some whore that you love her and wanna be with her? ANSWER ME!”

“Look, I…I….just met this woman on the net and we started talking in a chat room. Then we started e-mailing and I started to lie. I thought it would be interesting to see what she would believe and how far she would try and take it. But that was all it was. I was just playing around and I got too caught up in it! I'm sorry.”

I shook my head and looked at him. I folded my arms under my chest and took in a deep breath to stop myself from crying. This motherfucker was lying straight to my face.

“Have you met her Ricky? Ever go out with her? Ever fuck her?”

“Fuck no! I’d never do that. I’d never do that to you. To us.”

“You must think I'm some kinda fuckin’ fool! You’d swear this to me? On our marriage?” I felt sick. I felt like charging at him and strangling him to death but I just stood there, my head cocked to the side waiting for his answer.

“Baby I swear! I love you and I did something stupid and I let it get out of hand. I’d never hurt you like that. I’d never cheat on you! You gotta believe me!”

The tears escaped. I couldn’t hold them back anymore. I sat in the chair and put my head in my hands. I rocked back and forth as the sobs became harder, uncontrollable even. I couldn’t have stopped crying if God told me to.

All my life, I had told myself that if my husband ever cheated on me I’d walk out. I’d leave and never look back. I was much stronger in theory. But when faced with the actual reality of him cheating and lying to my face about it, I was nothing more than a heap of tears. Just a shell of my strong, independent and stubborn self. Pitiful.

I heard him walking towards me and I hunched down even more. I felt his hands on my shoulders and I fought as he pulled me back. He bent down and wrapped his arms around me. His lips went into my hair and he planted soft kisses on the strands.

“I’m sorry. But what I wrote meant nothing and you have to believe that was as far as it went. I’ve only ever seen her through the pictures she sent.”

I broke from him then and ran into the downstairs bathroom. I couldn’t face him. I locked the door and sunk to the floor. I brought my knees up and banged my head on them as I cried. I heard him knocking.

“Baby, come out please! You have to believe me and you have to forgive me! You are my wife and we can work through this!”

No we can’t. I’m done with you and your lies. I said nothing.

I must have fallen asleep. I woke up in the dark bathroom, disoriented, but got myself up and turned on the light. I looked at myself in the mirror. I jumped, I looked crazy. My usually perfect hair was standing up on its ends in certain places. My eyes were bloodshot from crying myself to sleep. Before I left the bathroom, I took a shower and put on some make-up to get myself back in order.

I came out of the bathroom and looked around. Ricky wasn’t in the living room or kitchen but there was a note on the table.

“I had to go to that meeting. We’ll talk when I get home. I'll be back as soon as I can. I love you. Rick.”

Oh my God! He still went to her! After he saw me break down this afternoon he still left to go fuck her! My sadness turned into rage again. I ran upstairs, got dressed, grabbed my car keys and ran out the front door. I was on a mission.

I drove to the hotel and walked up to the concierge.

“May I help you?”

“Yes, I’m a friend of Ricky West. He invited me up to his room tonight and said I could get a keycard from here.”

“Mr. West said nothing about having another guest.”

I looked at the young man behind the counter. I figured that this was the first job he ever had.

“It must have slipped his mind.”

“Well, if he didn’t say that he was having a guest then I can’t give you the keycard.”

I smiled at him, “Oh really? Well that’s a shame.”

I bent over the counter making sure that he could see down my blouse as I stared at him seductively. His eyes went to my breasts.

“See, I was supposed to go up there and have some fun with him and his girl tonight.”

The boy cleared his throat, “Fun?”

“Yes baby...fun. You know the kind of fun two women and one man can have?”

“Ummm...uhhh…not personally.”

“Well, can’t you imagine?” I moved letting my breasts jiggle a bit.

His face blushed and his voice cracked, “Yeah, I can!

“Good, then be a doll and get me that keycard. I don’t want Mr. West missing out on all the fun he could be having right now and I'll be sure to have him give you a very nice tip tomorrow!”

“Yes, Miss. Right away!”

I moved away from the counter as he went to get the other keycard. I shook my head and thought, “Men…even when they’re just boys they only think with their dicks.”

He came back and held the keycard out to me. I took it and let my fingers graze his hand. He jumped…so did his dick. I saw it throbbing in his slacks. I smiled.

“Thank you so much. You’re sweet!”

“You’re welcome.”

I walked away and headed to the elevators. I felt his eyes on me while I waited for it to get to the lobby and I shook my head.

My heart pounded as the elevator opened its doors with a ding. I followed the signs to room 819. Having been in this hotel before (to celebrate a wedding anniversary…how ironic!), I knew that most of these rooms were suites. They had living rooms that were separate from the bedroom with glass doors and sheer curtains to give the effect of privacy. I put my ear to the door; I couldn’t hear anything and hoped as I swiped the card that they weren’t sitting in the living room.

I opened the door slowly and peered in. The living room lights were on but no one was there. I quietly stepped in and shut the door. I looked around and smelled the same perfume that was on my husband’s clothing. I shuddered. I walked swiftly to the bedroom door, it was closed. My hand went to my chest trying to quiet my heart; I was sure they'd be able to hear it. It was pounding in my ears and making it hard for me to breathe.

I peered in through the sheer curtains and saw the both of them on the bed, lying beside each other naked and panting. I could hear them.

“I almost blew it.”

“What do you mean?”

“My wife found our e-mails. We need to figure out a different way to communicate.”

“Oh shit! How did she react?”

“She questioned me. Asked if I was cheating on her and I told her no. I made up some shit. I told her that I was just playing around with you to see what you’d do.”

Mimi laughed, “And she fell for it?”

“I guess. She went and locked herself in the bathroom.”

“So you don’t know if she believed you or not? That could be a problem.”

“No, it won’t. She’ll forgive me by tomorrow and everything will be just fine. I’ll still have you to play with.”

I watched as he grabbed hold of one of her breasts and began to pinch the nipple. She giggled and squirmed. I felt hot tears of anger once again fill my eyes but I made myself stop. No time for tears bitch...you gotta suck that shit up. NOW!

Then he began kissing the nipple he had just rolled between his fingers and she moaned with delight. Her hand went to his head as he moved back and forth between her breasts. Her moans became louder and in a sultry voice she spoke.

“Eat me Ricky…Make me cum all over your tongue baby!”

What a fucking slut! Not that I didn’t say nasty things in bed...but when I heard her say it, it sounded whorish. Especially because it was to MY fucking husband!

I watched as my husband obliged, his lips trailing down her body. I heard her sigh as his tongue hit her most private places. I saw his body moving with hers as she bucked and shook. I knew I should be doing something about this at this point but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sick acts that my husband was performing on this bitch…acts that should only be performed with me, his wife!

I stood there in shock as she drove his tongue deeper into her pussy. Her hips came off the bed and by her screams I knew my husband was swallowing a mouthful of her cum. She pushed his head away and he lay back down beside her. His lips came to hers and they shared the taste of her juices. My husband spoke again. “Suck this dick babe...”

She squealed and smiled and I thought I was going to be sick.

I watched as she made her way down to his rock hard dick, a part of his body that should have been only for me and our pleasure as husband and wife. I watched as she brought her mouth around it. She sucked only the head for awhile and I heard his moans of pleasure. She brought her mouth down more taking almost all of it in then pulled back up. She popped it out of her mouth and ran her tongue across the length of it. She smiled as she sucked his balls into her mouth before shoving his dick back down her throat.

The look on his face as he fucked her mouth made me want to kill him. He had a expression of pure joy as his hips began to thrust and his dick sank deeper into her mouth. I heard her gag and smiled. I hoped he would just keep making her choke on his dick but he didn’t. He lightened his thrusts and she went back to moving her head up and down.

Then he pushed her head away and positioned her on all fours. From my angle all I could see was his ass flexing as he pumped his dick into her pussy. I could hear her moans and his grunts and thought to myself again that I needed to move from that spot and do something! My feet were still firmly planted and weren’t moving anywhere.

I saw him bring his hand to his dick and guessed that he was rubbing it along her ass crack. Her words confirmed it.

“You gonna fuck me in the ass babe? I love it when you do…”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yessssssss! Your dick always feels so good. Does your wife let you fuck her like that?”

“My wife doesn’t let me fuck her at all remember? Even if she did she wouldn’t let me do that.”

What a bunch of horseshit! Does this motherfucker EVER quit lying?!

My husband ended the conversation. I heard Mimi whimper as he began to push his dick into her puckered hole.

“You need me to slow down? Does it hurt?”

“Just keep going. Don’t stop!”

She started moaning as he pushed his entire dick inside her. They were still for a minute while he let her get used to the feel of him. I saw her throw her ass back at him and he began to move. Slowly at first, but as her screams got louder he started thrusting harder into her ass.

“Oh fuck Ricky! That’s it! Mmmm...you gonna to make me cum! Oh! Fuck that ass boy!”

“Let me see you play with dat pussy while I fuck this tight ass!”

I saw her position her weight to one arm as the other went under her. This only made her scream more for him to make her cum as she rubbed her clit. Finally, she quieted down.

My husband pulled out and she looked back at him with a little pout on her face.

“I want you to ride dis dick!”

She quickly moved to let him lay where she had been. I watched as she climbed on top of him and grabbed his dick. She moved it along the outside of her pussy.

“Where do you want it? Back in my ass?” She took his dick further back to rub along her stretched out hole.

“Or in my pussy?” She moved it back and let just the head slip into her pussy.

My husband moaned, “I wanna bust all up in that pussy...”

“Mmmm…whatever you want baby!”

She turned around, which surprised both my husband and I. I quickly moved so that she couldn’t see my form in the doorway. Now all I could do was hear what was going on. I heard them both moaning, panting and grunting. I heard the slapping of skin as she bounced up and down on my husband’s dick, giving him a good view of it going in and out of her pussy. A few moments later, I heard my husband’s voice.

“I’m bout to nut! I’m gonna fill that hot little pussy up!”

“Cum for me Ricky!”


OH FUCK NO! The Ironside theme blared in my head and I saw flashes of red as his dick twitched and his cum coated her insides. I let my presence be known. I threw the door open and stormed into the room. Both of them stopped and stared wide eyed at me, neither one of them bothering yet to get out of the position that I had walked in on. My husband came to his senses and threw Mimi off of him.

“Shit! Brittany! Baby, it’s not what you think! I can explain!”

He got up and ran to me and in all my fury I punched him dead in the mouth. “FUCK!” he yelled as he covered his mouth and checked to ensure his teeth were still intact. Nothing was coming out of it but lies anyway. I’ll get back to his ass later! I watched that slut as she sat on the bed trying to cover herself from the shame of being caught with someone else’s husband. I took one leap toward the bed and she screamed, ducking down, trying to get away from me. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her ass from the bed. I turned her around so that she had to face me. She closed her eyes.

“Open up your eyes bitch! LOOK AT ME!”

She opened her eyes, they were wet with tears.

“Do you think I’m stupid? You think I wouldn’t have found out that a fucking slut like you was fucking my husband?”

She stared at me.

“Answer me!”

“No.” She said in a small voice.

“No WHAT?!”

“You’re not stupid!”

“Is this what you do for fun? You find married men and ruin their marriages?! YOU LIKE FUCKIN’ MARRIED DICK BITCH?!”

“No! I swear I’ve never done this before.”

“Then why start with him? Why start with MY GODDAMN HUSBAND?”

“I don’t know! He lied to me! I felt sorry for him! I’m not a slut really! I swear! He lied to me!”

“Well, you WOULDA fucked him anyway…”

I threw her away from me and I heard her body hit the wall with a thud. I was so angry that for a second I almost blacked out. My ears began to burn. The only thing I had on my mind was beating her ass.

I shook my head and slowly started over to the naked heap of a woman on the floor. She cowered before me and lifted her hands to shield her face.

“Please don’t hurt me. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I swear! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll leave and never contact him again. I promise. PLEASE! I’M SORRY!”

She screamed her last plea at me while tears of fear ran down her face. I balled my hands into fists, ready to start fucking her up, but before I could land one blow I felt myself being lifted from the floor. I screamed and kicked, but my husband had a tight hold of me. I fought to free myself but he wouldn’t let go. I bit him, drawing blood, but he still wouldn’t let go.

“What are you doing Mimi? Get your shit and go! I can’t hold her much longer! Get the fuck outta here before she kills you!”


I thrashed and hit my husband again. I felt my fist come in contact with his nose and smiled when I heard him curse under his breath. He let me down once Mimi was out the door and I tried to run after her. He grabbed me again and threw me on the bed. He fell on me, pinning my hands down. I bucked trying to get him off of me while spewing curses at him and his slut.

Finally his strength gave out and I was able to move out from under him. I was angrier than before. I went after him punching and cursing but my own strength was waning. I sunk to the floor and began sobbing. I couldn’t hold them back any longer. He tried to touch me but I knocked his hand away.

“Brittany? Come on. Let’s talk this through. Please look at me. Brit just look at me!”

I looked up at him with daggers in my eyes. It was bad enough that he had done what he did, but it was even worse that he just called me Brit, he knew I hated it. I stared at him, I had bloodied his nose. I hoped it was broken. He had tears coming from his eyes, though I didn’t know if they were tears of shame or tears from the pain of his nose. I didn’t care either.

He wiped his nose and came down on the floor and crawled to me. He still hadn’t bothered to put on any clothes and he looked ridiculous crawling naked on the floor. For some reason I allowed him to take me in his arms. He kissed my cheeks and wiped away the tears.

“I can’t make excuses for what you saw here tonight. I won’t. There’s no reason to.” His voice was filled with sadness.

I hung my head lower as my hair completely covered my face and said nothing to him.

“But you have to believe that I love you. You have to believe that what I did was wrong and stupid. We have to get through this. I can’t lose you! I know what I did wasn’t right and that it should have never happened but I can’t change it now.”

He held me tighter. As the wretched sobs violently moved my body. I got myself under control.

“I can’t.”

“You can’t what?”

“I can’t be with you anymore.”

“No! Don’t say that. We’ll work through it!”

“No, we won’t! You ruined us! I can’t ever trust you again. I can’t have someone in my life that doesn’t respect me or love me!”

“But I do.”

“You're a goddamn liar! If you had either for me you wouldn’t have done what you did!”

“Please! We’ve been through hard times before. We’ll get through this like we have in the past.”

“We’ve never been through anything like this before. It’s not going to work. I’ll never forgive you for this!”

“You will…You’re just saying that.”

“I’m not. You have contaminated yourself with that whore and it’ll just get worse. You’ll want more. You say you won’t now. But you’re infected. You’ll start to think of what you did wrong the first time and you’ll start to improve upon it. Soon, you’ll be a pro and you’ll be going behind my back whenever you have the chance.”

“It’ll NEVER happen again baby. I PROMISE!”

“You're right. It won't. Not with ME anyway...”

“But it just can’t end like this. We just can’t end like this. We’ve been together too long baby! Remember when we first met? When we were only 13. From that day I knew I had to make you mine and I did.”

“Don’t try to soften me with memories. Our story ends NOW. I can’t live like this. You may come by tomorrow and get your things. But you are no longer welcome in MY house!”

“It’s OUR house! Not just yours...”

I shook my head and began to chuckle.

“I don’t think any judge will agree with that assessment…you see hubby, I have irrefutable evidence that you’ve been unfaithful to me…on several occasions. And not only was it premeditated, but I just caught you in the act! You stole my happiness...so I’m gonna get the most vicious, low-down lawyer I can find to take you for every goddamn dime you’ve got, you sleazy son of a bitch! Not only am I gonna empty your bank account, but I'm gonna ruin your reputation to boot! I’m gonna tell any and everybody who will listen about your depravity. Let's see...the folks at your JOB…your boss' wife and I are REALLY close remember? You'll NEVER get that promotion now...and everyone at CHURCH…the pastor will LOVE this!...and I’ll also be sure to tell all of your friends’ wives AND your good ol’ MOM AND DAD! You KNOW how much they ADORE ME! And your disgusting cum buddy Mimi won’t ever come near you again…she won’t risk her life. You’ll have NOTHING…AND NOBODY…and that’s EXACTLY what you deserve! I WANT A DIVORCE! Aww...baby, don't be sad! I'm sure your next whore is just a few KEYSTROKES away! My attorney will be in touch!

He hugged me tighter and began his kisses again. I slapped him hard and he released his grip on me. I left him sitting there naked and crying on the floor. And I felt so good about myself because you know what? I never looked back!


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oooooohhhh. That was too juicy. I want a book as soon as it hits the shelf please.

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I'm am impressed with your writing skills..you are the next Zane. Also, you must have been a English major. I love your writing skills.

Give me more!!!

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Thank you SO much...I was definitely an English major at heart, but writing has always been a passion of mine! I will most certainly be givin' you as much as you can handle! LOL! Thanks again!

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That was better than any soap opera. love, love love it!